Smart Solutions for public services has been established in Jeddah since the year of 2000.  We are pleased to present our services in the Government affairs as well as the business brokerage. Since your satisfaction is considered to be our ultimate concern, we guarantee to serve you with a high professional quality that could meet your needs and requirements as well.

Our team is a group of multi-national consultants, lawyers and directors are specialized, fully aware and familiar with National/International Codes, Standards, Specifications & Regulations, and enjoy massive experience in their respective fields. We always aim to help our clients and fulfill their needs by giving them our support and protecting their rights.

Our Vision

We are working hard in order to be known for superior quality services that will help set the standards in our market. We intend to stand out in our market as the most professionally operated firm in the construction field.

So, we ensure that our target clients realize that choosing us is a safe choice for high quality service.

Our Mission

To create innovative investment opportunities, manage them professionally and provide services according to the highest international standards and practices, appropriate to the investment and business environment in which we are dealing and in a manner, that guarantees a high level of quality, performance, risk management and added value to our customers and investors.

We endeavor to achieve distinction in providing convenient and reliable services to our customers in terms of quality, performance and risk level and to enhance opportunities for obtaining the best value for all customers’ investments. We provide services to our customers with full transparency, and we maintain the strictest levels of client confidentiality and privacy. Customer trust in our services is our highest priority as we make all possible efforts to create a climate in which our customers feel trust and reliability when dealing with Smart Solutions.

Our Values


It is the backbone of all of our business. We promote an innovative environment internally, which drives a desire to be the market leader in a way that reflects positively for the interests of our customers and investors and meets their expectations.

Reliability and Competence

We work hard to continue developing our capabilities to ensure the competency of our services to be best provided.


We strive to abide fully with all commitments and agreements that we have engaged in, and also comply with all laws, regulations and resolutions issued by our partners.

Quality in All of our Businesses

Our strategy is based on ensuring a high level of quality in all our deliverables, not only for satisfying the evolving needs of our customers and investors but also to achieve our long-term vision.